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Grant Hall wedding of Colin and Graham at Queen’s University

Colin and Graham’s Grant Hall wedding, at Queen’s University in Kingston was winter wonderful. Picture this: a snowy day in Kingston, Ontario, the historic Grant Hall filled with their best people, and two grooms ready to say their “I do’s.”

The Ceremony: A Union of Love and Laughter

As guests gathered inside Grant Hall, braving the winter chill, they were greeted by the sight of Colin and Graham, looking dapper in their vests and bowties, ready to embark on their new journey together. The ceremony was a blend of traditional elements and personal touches, reflecting the couple’s unique journey. Heartfelt vows and many many laughs were exchanged.

Party Time at the Tir Nan Og Pub

After the “I do’s,” the party shifted to the Tir Nan Og. If you haven’t been there, imagine the coziest Irish pub vibe you can think of. The place was filled with good food, great beer, and even better company.

Food and Fun: A Reception to Remember

Speaking of food, the menu was a hit – a cool mix of fancy and comfort food that really reflected Colin and Graham’s style. And the party? Epic! Everyone – and I mean everyone – dancing. It was the kind of night where you just didn’t want to leave.

Colin and Graham’s Grant Hall wedding was more than a fun party; it was a celebration of love and the journey they’ve been on together. It was a day filled with laughter, tears (the good kind), and a whole lot of love. And let’s not forget, it’s a big thumbs-up for love in all its forms!

So there you have it, the story of Colin and Graham’s amazing winter Grant Hall wedding and the rocking reception at the Tir Nan Og. It’s a day that’ll be remembered for its warmth, love, and one heck of a party – snow and all! Here’s to many more years of happiness for the happy couple!

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