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Do you have other questions? Here’s some answers!

• What do I need to do to book our wedding date with you?

Two things: 1) fill out my contract (make sure you read it carefully – it’s not a long document and it’s meant to protect both you and I – just ask and I’ll send you one) and 2) send a retainer of $1200. Once I have those two things, your wedding date is all yours!

• Do you customize collections for your couples?

Absolutely! I offer all of my items ‘a la carte’. This means that the only decision you need to make right now is, “Do you love my work?” If you do, then you simply commission me to photograph your wedding day. Then, after the wedding we will view all of the final images together at a viewing and ordering session and I can then customize a package for you that will best share your wedding memories with your family and friends.

• We are planning our wedding remotely and may not be able to meet with you before the wedding, is this OK?

This is totally fine with me. We can use FaceTime/Zoom/Teams/Meet/Skype or the good old phone to ‘meet’ so we can talk about your wedding and so I can answer any questions you might have.

• What’s the deal with the engagement session?

Since your story is so important to me, I want to make your Engagement Session more than just ‘pretty photos’ – I want to tie them into your life and make them more meaningful to you. What do you guys love to do together? THAT’S what I want to shoot. If you two are in your element together, it becomes less about the photo shoot and more about you both connecting with each other – then the photos that come out of the session have WAY more meaning to you. I want those photos to still mean something in 10, 20, 50 years from now. Please consider adding an engagement photo session to your initial investment, which includes the session and one 8 x 12 Fine-Art Giclée print. We will then meet after your engagement session for a viewing and ordering session to discuss how you’d like to display your engagement photos. There, you’ll be able to purchase the high-res files, more prints, albums or any other products that you’d like.

• What do you need from us on the wedding day?

I need you two to have the time of your lives. My goal at the start is to get off your radar and capture moments as they happen, without intrusion or alteration by me. So I just need you to enjoy having your family and friends around you, loving you. Great photos will come out of your focus on enjoying your day.

• What if the wedding runs late and we need more time?

You can add time at any point. I will check in with you when your coverage time is almost over and you can tell me then if you’d like me to stay longer. It’s $275/hr. for extra coverage which includes both Tim and his second photographer.

• How many photos will we see after the wedding?

You will see over 300 photos. The number ‘300’ is somewhat arbitrary since I choose only the best photos from ALL of the photos that I take over the day. But 300 photos is my goal and the bare minimum that you can expect.

• How long after the wedding will we have to wait to see our wedding photos?

I would say an average of about a month after the wedding, but sometimes in peak season it could take eight to twelve weeks to get your wedding photos ready for you – but this is a worst case scenario. I aim to for the photos to be ready to view about a month after the wedding date.

• What is a ‘Fine-Art Giclé Print’?

It’s a really, really high-resolution ink-jet print on archival, museum-quality paper. You can see a Wiki article here about it. Ask to see one when we meet because there’s really no words to describe the sharpness and depth of colour that these prints have. It’s really the culmination of all the expensive lenses, expertise in capturing and time taken to correct and tone an image for permanent display.

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