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Hi! I’m Kingston photographer Tim Forbes and I’ve been taking pictures since I was 12.

To become a Kingston photographer, I remember borrowing Kodak how-to photography books from the library and thinking those 70’s hairdo’s were pretty darn funny. But that didn’t scare me away from wanting to take pictures and even as a kid I always noticed patterns of light and colour (Lego, anybody?!?). I wanted to be a photographer and the thing I wanted MOST was an SLR camera. I just loved that feeling of waiting for a roll of film to be processed so I could see the pictures I’d captured.

I started my business as a full-time Kingston photographer in 2006 and in 2008, wanting to improve my photographic self, I went to a life-changing workshop called the Foundation Workshop where I learned how to compose my images cleanly, zero-in on emotion and then capture moments. It encouraged me to change everything about how I shoot weddings and to embark on a journey of constant improvement – both personally and photographically. Though I’m never easy on myself, I LOVE what I do. It feels good to know what I was put on earth to do, and actually be doing it.

I live north of Kingston, Ontario in the country with my wife, son and daughter and love it here (well … not so much all the lawn mowing :).

• How did you become a Kingston photographer?

I shot a few friends’ weddings and really enjoyed looking for different viewpoints and unexpected moments. There was pressure, since things happened so quickly and there’s no chance for a re-do, but I enjoyed the challenge. It was a bit of an adrenaline rush to face the pressure, but come out of it with photos that I was happy with – and the friends were thrilled with the photos, so my wedding photography business grew from there.

• Top 5 favorite movies of all time.

Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Babel, Beautiful Girls, The Apartment

• Top 5 favorite shows of all time.

The Wire, The Bear, Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Location/Location/Location

• Did you want to be a Kingston photographer when you grew up?

No … I wanted to be an architect … I made my mom buy me stacks of graph paper pads. I thought the T-square was the coolest thing ever.

• Describe your ‘death-row’ meal (appetizer, entré, dessert)?

Spring rolls with sweet chili sauce, Panang Chicken Curry with coconut rice, hot apple crisp … iced coffee.

• What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a drummer in a rock band. I love to cook too – I’m a biiiig foodie!

• What music would you take to a desert island, if you could only choose one artist?

Tom Waits. Or Brian Eno … tough one …

• Who’s on your ‘must see’ list of musicians?

Tom Waits. I hope he goes on tour again!

• Describe your first part-time job.

Stocking shelves at a health food/book store. My favourite part was organizing and filing all the invoices and systematically rotating the stock (NERD!).

• If you could have a pint with any celebrity, who would it be?

Bono … kind of a cliché answer, but I’ve been the biggest U2 fan since I was 14. Jamie Oliver would also be an interesting dude to have a pint with.

• As a Kingston photographer, what’s your favourite location?

It might be Fort Henry, since there’s just so much variety there and beautiful light at sundown, with Kingston as a backdrop! A Kingston photographers dream!

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