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Harbour Restaurant Kingston wedding: Daniel and Wendy

Overlooking the tranquil waters of Kingston, the Harbour Restaurant & Catering set the stage for Daniel Song and Wendy Kim’s enchanting wedding. Renowned for its captivating waterfront views and outstanding service, this venue was the ideal choice for their momentous day.

Preparing for Forever

The day’s festivities commenced in the charming quarters of the Harbour Restaurant. Here, Daniel and Wendy, amidst an air of excitement and anticipation, prepared for a new chapter in their lives. The first look, a deeply touching and intimate moment, was beautifully framed by the serene surroundings of the restaurant and the picturesque Kingston waterfront.

Exchanging Harbour Restaurant Restaurant Wedding Vows by the Water

Their ceremony unfolded at this scenic location, embracing the natural allure of the Harbour Restaurant. With the gentle lapping of the water as their soundtrack, Daniel and Wendy exchanged their vows under the soft caress of the afternoon sun, encircled by their nearest and dearest.

A Celebration of Friendship and Love

Accompanying Daniel and Wendy were their loyal friends: groomsmen Matthieu and David, and bridesmaids Jane, Helen, and Joanna. Their presence and camaraderie added a layer of joy and elegance to the proceedings, contributing to the day’s festive spirit.

Honoring Family Bonds

The wedding paid homage to family heritage and deep-rooted connections. Daniel’s grandmother, Kang Ju Lee, along with Wendy’s parents, Jenny and Kevin Kim, played significant roles, infusing the occasion with emotional depth and a sense of continuity.

The Harbour Restaurant Restaurant wedding Reception

As evening approached, the Harbour Restaurant metamorphosed into a lively reception venue. Adhering to an ivory and gold theme, the space radiated both sophistication and warmth. The catering, courtesy of the venue’s own team, provided a culinary feast that was as delightful to the taste buds as it was to the eyes.

A Night of Dance and Celebration

The reception’s atmosphere buzzed with energy, thanks to the vibrant tunes spun by Dale from Sound on Sound Productions. The couple’s first dance, a symbol of their united path forward, was a poignant highlight, even as the specific song choice remained a delightful mystery until the very moment.

Daniel and Wendy’s wedding at the Harbour Restaurant Kingston was more than a celebration; it was a testament to love, family, and new beginnings. The splendid venue, combined with the meticulous attention to every detail and the warmth of those in attendance, crafted an unforgettable chapter in their love story.

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