Stephanie and Roger, one wedding image only

Stephanie and Roger were asked which ONE wedding image they could not live without, the single photo that best sums up their wedding day. Here’s what they said …

“Deciding on a single favorite image was no easy task. Tim captured so many special moments throughout the day and as a set they tell the story of our day – the sum is even greater than the already-fabulous parts. We share a love of adventures, epic stories, and nature, and we incorporated elements of well-known fictional lands from literature into our wedding. This photo captures that feeling of being in a “magical land” exactly. Although we were at the Barriefield Rock Garden in Kingston, it invokes an ambiguous feeling that it could have be taken somewhere else – Narnia, Middle Earth, Oz. It really symbolizes us heading off on the biggest journey of our lives! It also brings back the memory of taking a break from all the wedding day excitement and spending a few moments alone together among the chirping birds and fragrant lilac bushes.”