Jill and Andy, one wedding image only

I asked Jill and Andy to tell me which ONE photo from their wedding they could not live without. Which photo sums up everything they were thinking and feeling on their wedding day. This is what they said …

“Narrowing our wedding images down to only one photo seemed like a daunting task but ended up being a fun excercise. It was interesting for each of us to hear why some photos were so special to us individually. We narrowed it down to five and then it became very difficult. The photo we picked was one we felt best captured us as a couple and the spirit of our wedding day. It is colourful and whimsical but also intimate and romantic and we wanted to pick a kissing photo because we love to kiss! I remember being in that bouncy castle and thinking that (aside from Tim) there was no one else in the world but us two. On days of chaos I look at that photo, which is the background of my computer, and think … I want to be there.”