Baby Christopher | Birth Photos

p3 lightbox gal placeholder Baby Christopher | Birth PhotosI got an extraordinary opportunity this week to photograph a live birth. A great client of mine asked me to do it, but I just said yes because it was her and didn’t really pay attention to what she was asking. Then the night before, I was sitting comfortably in the snug of my local public house, when I realized what I’d agreed to.

‘Wait a minute,’ says me. ‘Did I agree to shoot the BIRTH, or mom and baby after the birth?? CRAP!’

After I sent a quick email off to my client, I realized that, yes, I had agreed to shoot the entire process. Of a C-section birth. YIKES.

So I steeled my will and did my best and it was one of my best photographic experiences yet. I got goosebumps when we heard his first cry.