Forbes Photographer Wedding Details Form

  • Your wedding day approaches ... To help things go as smoothly as possible on your wedding day, please give us as much info as you can in the following form.

    Also, please be reminded that our contract states that final payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding day (this amount will be listed on your copy of the contract). If you haven't already, please make the final cheque out to ...

    Tim Forbes | 3739 Jamieson Road | RR#1 | Harrowsmith, Ontario | K0H 1V0

    OK, here we go ... this should only take about 10 minutes. And thanks!

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  • 1. Preparation

  • 2. Ceremony

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  • Some Officiants have restrictions on photography during the ceremony. Some go so far as to forbid photography outright during the ceremony. It is the couple's responsibility to negotiate and clarify the Officiant's restrictions before the wedding day. If the Officiant forbids photography, please request a discussion about this before the wedding day so that we may possibly secure their permission.
  • 3. Reception

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  • Please keep in mind the number of hours included in your package. You can either tell us in advance or on the day of the wedding that you would like addtional time. If the day is running late, we will not simply leave and we will certainly discuss the situtation with you, but any extra time will be invoiced after the wedding at $250 per hour. Additional hours include Tim plus whoever is on the team on your wedding day.
  • Include things like bridal party entrance, first dances, special toasts or anything else I should know about.
  • It is necessary to seat us with the guests, preferrably on the perimeter of the room, facing the head table. It's also really important that we eat at around the same time as the Bride and Groom and not acceptable for us to be seated in a different/back room or to eat after everyone else. This preference has nothing to do with manners or etiquette. When the Bride and Groom and their guests are eating, there's just not much to photograph ... and people like to eat in peace. But, when the bride and groom finish and they begin to greet their guests, we will be photographing them again as they interact ... so we need to be on the same schedule so we don't miss anything. This might be something you'll need to clarify with the reception venue, because often they will assume that the photographer is NOT a guest. Again, it's not about our penchant for Prime Rib (though, we DO enjoy Prime Rib :) ... it's about not missing any of the genuine moments that happen around the Bride and Groom.
  • 4. Family & Friends

  • 5. Formal Photos

    I feel that formal photos are important - a historical marker that shows who was at your wedding and what they looked like. That said, my main focus is on more photojournalistic coverage, so every attempt will be made to make the formal photos go as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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  • Keep in mind that a huge variety of family groupings can steal time away from your couple portrait time. Your wedding day will be very busy, and often the schedules get pushed. Here is a suggested list of groupings for the formal group portrait time.

    1. Couple and Partner 1's Parents

    2. Couple and Partner 2's Parents

    3. Couple and Partner 1's Immediate Family (parents and immediate siblings)

    4. Couple and Partner 2's Immediate Family (parents and immediate siblings)

    5. Couple and Wedding Party

    Please list below the group shots that you would like, as well as the names of each person in that particular shot. Having this information will make the group portrait session go as smoothly and quickly as possible. As a guideline, plan on 1 group portrait per 5 minutes ... so 30 minutes should accomodate about 6 groups ... ideally the group portrait time should be 30 minutes maximum. Keep in mind that I won't be held responsible if a particular group photo is a) not in this list or b) not requested on the wedding day itself.

  • In order to provide you with the calibre of couple portraits that you have seen in my portfolio, I need time to think and be creative. Ideally, I need 90 minutes AFTER the group portraits and AFTER travel time to shoot just the couple for some relaxed and fun portraits. Please note your preferences below.
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  • 6. Vendors

  • Thanks so much - we're all done. Click SUBMIT to send this info to me!